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Cecilia Matson, M.A. offers the perfect developmental and Spanish class for your babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. In her class your child will find the environment he needs to learn, have fun, and fulfill his potential. Cecilia makes sure all of your child's developmental needs and strengths are met. Cecilia's warm and empathetic teaching style will make you and your child feel right at home. Everyone who has been in her class raves about her classroom environment: a relaxed, fun, engaging place where children, parents, and caregivers all learn and feel supported.

Cecilia has been working with families and their young children for the last 20 years (Tufts University, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Children's Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Brazelton Institute, Isis Parenting). Cecilia brings her expertise on parenting and child development to every class and you'll have the opportunity to chat and consult about topics such as eating, sleeping, behavior, discipline, potty training, and more.

If you have specific questions or concerns that require a one-on-one discussion, you can book a phone consult with Cecilia here:

"Cecilia Matson ... truly appreciates and understands the emotional and learning needs of young children and how to support their growth and development..." -- J. Kevin Nugent, Ph.D., Director, Brazelton Institute, Boston Children's Hospital

"Having known Cecilia since 1996 when she was a graduate student and my advisee at Tufts University’s Child Development Department, I have long recognized her unique talents..." -- Martha Julia Sellers, Ph.D.

"Cecilia’s classroom is a place where my daughter and I both feel supported and comfortable …" -- Stacey

"...I would recommend Galoop to Mommies and their little ones with all my heart! Thank you, Cecilia, for being the highlight of our week!" -- Katarina

"Cecilia's combination of knowledge, wisdom, and kindness provide for a wonderful mix of skills to help guide parents through their children's exciting but sometimes stressful early years". -- Lise Johnson, Pediatrician.

What does “Galoop” mean? Babies and toddlers in Cecilia’s classes love the song “Galoop went the little green frog one day... and it hopped away!.” This fun, engaging song about taking a developmental leap captures the spirit of Galoop classes.

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