Cecilia Matson, M.A.  Child Development and Family Expert

Cecilia has wanted to work with young children for as long as she can remember. She studied clinical psychology in her native Argentina (Universidad de Buenos Aires), and earned her Master’s in Child Development at Tufts University, Boston, where she was also selected to work at their Elliott Pearson Children's School as a Kindergarten Teacher. After graduating from Tufts, she moved to Chicago for two years where she was the Child Development Specialist at a multidisciplinary clinic in Northwestern Memorial Hospital that followed premature babies through age 3 .  

Back to Boston in 1999 she enjoyed a research position at The Brazelton Institute, Children’s Hospital. Her research focused on temperament and she had the privilege of working with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Dr. Kevin Nugent, and Dr. Jerome Kagan (Harvard University). She also became one their NBAS trainers (Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale). Cecilia learned so much during her time at the Brazelton Institute, but she also wanted to have the kind of position where she could develop relationships with families, build community, and work with the same children over a longer period of time.

In 2006, Cecilia joined Isis Parenting and helped develop its renowned curriculum for child-development classes, including the Spanish-language classes. She also conducted parenting consults, and trained and supervised new instructors. During her time at Isis Parenting, many children did their “firsts” in her classes – first steps, first words, first sharing. And parents raved about her classroom environment: a relaxed, fun, engaging place where children, parents, and caregivers all learn and feel supported.

In February 2014 Cecilia opened Galoop in Coolidge Corner, Brookline. A Brookline resident since 1999, Cecilia feels strongly about the Brookline community. Both her daughters attend Brookline schools and Brookline truly feels like home by now. But most importantly, Cecilia feels strongly about helping Moms, Dads, nannies, and all caregivers of young children feel supported and connected. 

Cecilia’s philosophy is that there is no one way to parent – each parent, child, and family has different temperaments, learning styles, needs, and goals. Galoop helps families find the path that is right for them for a healthy and positive journey.


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