FALL 2016  - Monday through Friday Child Development and Spanish Immersion classes are offered for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Siblings under 6 months welcome free of charge - Twins/siblings registering together have a discount. Galoop offers UNLIMITED MAKE-UP CLASSES due to travel/sickness. 

Thursday 12:30-1:30 class for ages 8-15 months now OPEN FOR REGISTRATIONClick below on "book online" to register.

To pro-rate into a class contact Cecilia Matson at cmatson@galoopclasses.com

Upcoming Workshop: POSITIVE DISCIPLINE Ages 1-5. Thursday November 3 from 7-9 pm. $25 per person/$40 per couple. Click below on "book online" to register.

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Mondays at United Parish:  No class on Monday October 10th

9:45-10:45    Spanish Immersion (12-42 months) 

11:00-12:00   Toddlers (12-36 months) 

Tuesdays at United ParishNo class on Tuesday November 22

9:30-10:30    Toddlers (12-42 months) 

10:45-11:45    Toddlers (12-36 months) 

Thursdays at United ParishNo class on Thursday November 24

9:30-10:30    Toddlers (12-36 months) 

10:45-11:45    Siblings and/or mixed age (6-42 months) 

12:30-1:30 Older Babies/Younger Toddlers (8-15 months) - PRORATE NOW (click on "Book Online" below)

Fridays at Magic Beans:  No class on Friday November 25

9:45-10:45    Spanish Immersion (9-36 months) 

11:00-12:00   Babies (5-11 months)  

Positive Discipline Ages 1-5. Thursday November 3rd from 7-9 pm. $25 per person/$40 per couple

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