Our Afternoons


Open M-F 2:30 to 5:00 for ages 0-6 through March 1st. Drop-ins available through that date.

Beginning March 4th, enrollment on a 6-week session basis. Finally a great afternoon option for kids of different ages that everyone can enjoy together! - Mondays and Fridays: creative free play and art stations throughout the afternoon with Alex (3-5pm) -Tuesdays and Thursdays: music with Emily (3:45-4:30) -Wednesdays: relaxing yoga with Erin (3:45-4:30)

Afternoon schedules (beginning March 4th):

Mondays and Fridays: Art with Alex! Our space is open from 3-5pm, allowing little ones to explore and play throughout the afternoon. Multiple art stations will be open throughout the afternoon; they’re sensory-rich and promote your child’s artistic exploration and discovery. The focus is on process - explore various materials, create, get messy, and have fun!


Tuesdays and Thursdays: Music with Emily from 3:45-4:30pm. Come ready to sing and dance to old and new tunes at Emily’s interactive sing-a-long. Musical instruments, props, movement, and more!

Wednesdays: Yoga with Erin from 3:45--4:30pm. This class will teach your child new movements and yoga poseswhile supporting the mind/body connection. It also provides caregivers with a space to breathe, stretch and relax. Little ones LOVE this class — you’ll be suprised how quickly they start doing yoga poses at home!

Don’t forget that you can enjoy our fantastic outdoor space before and after class—open all afternoon every day! With the weather getting nicer and nicer this will be a great way to spend part of the afternoon before heading inside for music, yoga, art, or free play.

Register NOW for our 6-week spring session beginning March 4th. Only $20 a day (50% off siblings!) Third siblings and baby sibling under 6 months FREE.

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