Who can attend with my child? A caregiver, parent, or other family member must accompany your child at all times. Please let us know each attending adult in advance by noting them on your registration or, if you add an adult in the course of the year, by emailing us.

Do I need to attend for all the programming hours? Absolutely not! We designed the program to accommodate family’s schedules; you are free to drop in as you like.

What if my child has a sibling under six months of age? Siblings under the age of 6 months may accompany their older sisters and brothers at no charge.

Is there a discount for twins/siblings? Yes! The first sibling pays 100% and the second sibling pays 50% of the cost for the session. Please select the siblings option when booking. If you have more than two children attending email us!

How do you keep the place clean? It’s important to us that our play space remain clean and free of germs. Accordingly:

  • We ask every child and caregiver to wash their hands in the bathroom before entering the playspace, and again before snack time;

  • We vacuum the space daily and do a deep clean twice a week.

  • We have a “used toys box” where we ask caregivers to place toys that have been in the mouths of teething babies. Our facilitator sanitizes these toys at the end of each session.

What about illnesses? To prevent the spread of disease and keep our kids happy and healthy, we ask that children not attend the program if they are showing signs of a communicable illness (heavy runny rose, coughing, fever, etc.), and wait at least 48 hours after symptoms dissipate before returning to the play space. We may ask a child who looks under the weather to leave the play space to recuperate.

What about parking? There are a limited number of parking spots in the church parking lot. These are marked for Blue Kangaroo. Please do not park in unmarked parking spots as those are reserved for a nearby school. There is also plenty of 2-hour street parking around the church. Please contact us if you have concerns about getting to or parking at the church.

Please remember: Our program is NOT a daycare center or drop off program!  This is by design, but it also means our program is not licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care or any other state agency.  To ensure that we remain within the law, parents or caregivers must remain on the Blue Kangaroo premises the entire time their children are present and are responsible for the basic care of their children.  Parents or caregivers must respond immediately to their children’s caretaking needs as they arise.  Thank you for your understanding!           

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