Cecilia Matson, M.A.  Child Development and Parenting Expert

Cecilia is a parenting and early childhood expert of over 20 years. She studied clinical psychology in her native Argentina and earned her Master’s in Child Development at Tufts University, Boston. While at Tufts she worked at their Elliott Pearson Children's School.

She later worked as a researcher for The Brazelton Institute at Children’s Hospital in Boston and became one their NBAS (Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale) trainers.  In 2006, Cecilia joined Isis Parenting and helped develop its renowned curriculum for child-development classes, including the Spanish-language classes. She also trained and supervised new instructors.

In 2014 Cecilia opened Galoop in Brookline and her classes are now regarded as some of the best in our community.

Emily Hall - music

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Emily is a music educator and a Broadway performer. After attending the Boston Conservatory of Music she landed a role in a Broadway World Premiere. She continued her theater career while teaching her mother’s music program; the “Mary Ann Hall's Music For Children”. After becoming a mom herself, Emily made an award winning DVD and Parents' Choice Award winning album. She is currently finishing up her second children's album and continues to perform professionally. She is super excited to join the Galoop family and can't wait to make music with your children! 


Erin Carter - yoga

Erin have been practicing yoga since 1999 and she is a certified Children's Yoga Teacher through both Yoga Alliance and ChildLight Yoga. She loves teaching yoga to young children! She makes sure to create a warm and supportive atmosphere in her classes where children feel comfortable and confident. She also weaves in art, music, and a connection with the natural world. Erin enjoys supporting the incredible development at the early stage of life as well as creating a nurturing space where parents/caregivers can care for their own body and mind.


Alexandra Vaillancourt - art

Alex has been working with children for over 30 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has taught at three parent cooperative preschools and has also been a nanny, raising two babies and a preschooler. Alex's philosophy of art with children is process, not project oriented: she believes in exposing children to various materials such as crayons, paint, glue, tape, ribbon, recycled things, and natural objects. Young children are very tactile and love the feelings of things—she believes in touching things and getting messy! 

Galoop  | 379 Hammond Street in Chestnut Hill |  (781) 956-8226  |  cmatson@galoopclasses.com

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