Positive Discipline for Young Children (ages 1-6): Wednesday March 28 from 7-8:30 pm at 15 Marion St, Brookline- $35 per person/$55 per couple

If you are struggling to address challenging behaviors such as hitting, biting, whining, tantrums, not listening, and back talk this workshop is for you! You will learn:

    •    How to prevent challenging behaviors

    •    How to best handle challenging behaviors

    •    How to stay away from time-outs, bribes, and rewards and what to do instead.

    •    A discipline approach that will help you nurture a strong connection with your children

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Sibling Relationships: Wednesday April 4 from 7-8:30 pm at 15 Marion St, Brookline - $35 per person/$55 per couple 

Fewer things are more upsetting for parents than their children fighting or not getting along. Sibling rivalry is to some degree inevitable - but there are specific strategies parents can implement to promote a healthy relationship between their children. In this workshop you will learn:

    •    Why siblings fight

    •    What parents can do to prevent conflict

    •    When to intervene 

    •    How to best intervene

    •    How to teach skills to your children so they can solve conflicts on their own

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Helping your Toddler Adjust to New Baby: This workshop is held in small groups - Contact Cecilia at cmatson@galoopclasses.com if interested in participating

A baby sibling may be one of the best gifts you will ever give your child. However, feeling anxious about this change in your family is completely normal. In this workshop you will learn:

    •    How to best prepare your toddler before baby arrives

    •    How to help your toddler adjust once baby is here

    •    How to handle negative feelings and behaviors your toddler may show towards the baby

    •    How to to "split" your attention between your baby and your toddler

    •    How to handle routines with two

All workshops lead by Cecilia Matson, M.A. - Child Development and Family Expert and founder of Galoop. Cecilia teaches workshops, conducts private consultations, and leads Child Development and Spanish Immersion classes for babies and young children

For more info email cmatson@galoopclasses.com or call 781-956-8226.