Having worked with Cecilia Matson for over a decade at the Brazelton Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital in her roles as clinician, teacher and researcher, I can say that she truly appreciates and understands the emotional and learning needs of young children and how to support their growth and development.  Moreover, her approach to working with parents shows the same inclusiveness, the same respect and the same non-judgmental and supportive stance. She appreciates the full range of individual differences in children, their different temperaments and learning styles, their unique cultural world view, their values and their strengths”. -- J. Kevin Nugent, Ph.D., Director, Brazelton Institute, Boston Children's Hospital

Having known Cecilia since 1996 when she was a graduate student and my advisee at Tufts University’s Child Development Department, I have long recognized her unique talents. Cecilia employs a distinctive, comprehensive perspective that elucidates child rearing and education of young children in a cultural context. Her practice at Galoop exemplifies that perspective enriched by her knowledge and sensitivity - indispensable to understanding families’ diverse values and guiding them to foster the optimal development of their children. Thank you, Cecilia, for your contribution to our discipline and your accomplishments in support of children and their parents -- Martha Julia Sellers, Ph.D.

To say my daughter and I "look forward" to our weekly class with Cecilia is a major understatement! When we enrolled in our first class with Cecilia I realized the difference it makes when you have an exceptional instructor teaching your child and the benefits it has for both the child and caregiver. Cecilia is warm, intelligent, professional and most importantly, fun! Her lesson plans always provide a variety of exciting ways for the children to learn and explore the world around them - including song, sensory play, and interaction with peers. The class continues at home as my daughter loves to sing the songs we learn from Cecilia or read stories Cecilia reads to the group. Overall, a wonderful class with a truly special instructor. We will eagerly look forward to many more Cecilia's classes!!! -- Susanne

I met Cecilia in 1999 at the Brazelton Institute at Boston Children’s Hospital where she was a research associate and trainer on the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS). Cecilia’s love for babies and their families, her calm demeanor, kindness and ability to put parents immediately at ease were a pleasure to watch at work. Combined with her knowledge on child development, Cecilia was a great resource for all of us. It is no surprise to me to see her success at Galoop and to witness the high quality of care and level of creativity offered in her classes. I would highly recommend all families of little ones to join Cecilia at Galoop where they will find expert parenting support, community building, and high quality developmentally appropriate experiences for their child --Yvette Blanchard, PT, ScD, PCS -- Professor at Sacred Heart University

Cecilia’s classroom is a place where my daughter and I both feel supported and comfortable … and both of us have a lot of fun! It has also been incredibly valuable for me to talk with Cecilia each week about parenting. Whether my questions are about sleep, food, motor development, or behaviors, Cecilia always either reassures me or finds a solution that works for us. -- Stacey  

I've known Cecilia for over 3 years, I took classes with her with my first and then again as a second time mom. There are many options for music classes or storytimes near Coolidge corner, but nothing like Cecilia's classes. I really can't say enough good things about her, she is truly amazing, kind, energetic, friendly, professional, and you can just tell that she genuinely loves what she does. She's a great teacher/facilitator and her classes have the perfect amount of structure while still feeling very relaxed. She always plans lots of fun age appropriate activities (songs, homemade playdough, paint, sensory table activities, water play, books, bubbles, and much more) and has helpful advice to share for any parenting or developmental issues/concerns. I really look forward to taking my daughters to her class every week! -- Sabrina

Cecilia is wonderful! She is such kind and nurturing person and her enthusiasm engages my daughter every week. In addition to creating a stimulating class for the children, she brings a wealth of experience to assist the parents. I’ve been able to talk to her about different stages of my daughter’s development and she’s given me great advice. Cecilia is truly one of the best! -- Kendra

I was immediately drawn to Cecilia's warm, encouraging manner and her ability to converse with young children. Motherhood was a tough transition for me and Cecilia's class offers reassuring advice and inspires us with great activities to try at home. Coming to class is the high point in our week. -- Sarah

Cecilia's classes are always relaxed, fun and engaging.  She not only has wonderful activities for the children to do but she is a loving and nurturing presence in class. There is no better critic than my 2 year old son and he loves his class at Galoop. -- Alesha

My little son and I first met Cecilia when he was 5 months old, right after we moved from abroad and found ourselves alone in this new city. We joined her baby development class to meet other Moms and babies and we loved it! Ante is always so happy during class, he loves the parachute and the storytelling, and I get wonderful advice from Cecilia.  I would recommend Galoop to Mommies and their little ones with all my heart! Thank you, Cecilia, for being the highlight of our week! -- Katarina

Galoop classes are fun for both caregivers and kids alike!  It is SO clear that my daughter feels confident and comfortable exploring and learning, and as a parent, there is little better than that! -- Rebecca

My son and I love taking Cecilia's classes. She is very warm and nurturing and makes it a priority to listen to individual concerns. She is also great at engaging the children's attention and they respond with interest. -- Clare

Cecilia's combination of knowledge, wisdom, and kindness provide for a wonderful mix of skills to help guide parents through their children's exciting but sometimes stressful early years. -- Lise Johnson, Pediatrician.

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