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Child Development and Parenting Expert
Morning Program

Director/Main Teacher

Cecilia is Galoop’s co-founder, director and main teacher. She is a parenting and early childhood expert with over 25 years of experience. She studied clinical psychology in her native Argentina and earned her Master’s in Child Development at Tufts University, Boston. While at Tufts she worked at their Elliott Pearson Children’s School.  She later worked as a researcher for The Brazelton Institute at Children’s Hospital in Boston and became one their NBAS (Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale) trainers.  In 2006, Cecilia joined Isis Parenting and helped develop its renowned curriculum for child-development classes, including the Spanish-language classes. She also trained and supervised new instructors.  In 2014 Cecilia opened Galoop in Brookline and in 2018 relaunched it in Chestnut Hill.  Galoop is are now regarded as one of the best programs for young children in our community.



Morning Program 

Rebecca Giat Koskinen has worked within the child development and parent education space since earning her Master’s degree in Child Life from Wheelock College in 2009.  As a lead instructor at a well-known parenting center, she was passionate about creating and maintaining community and connection between groups of caregivers and their young children.  Clinically trained as a Child Life Specialist, Rebecca knows the significance of parent support, and believes strongly in creating a group dynamic that benefits both adults and young children alike.  Rebecca is a mom of two girls, who are constant reminders of how much she enjoys helping other parents through the joys and challenges that come along with raising children.


Baby Spot
Playtime & Sensory Art for Siblings & Friends 

Alicia is a passionate educator who holds a master's degree in secondary education and is a mother of two young children. She is motivated by a deep curiosity about the world, and the transition from secondary education to specializing in early childhood development was inspired by watching, with facination, the daily growth of her own children. Alicia was a parent at Galoop before becoming one of their instructors and is a champion of their methods. She is excited to be part of a process that expands a baby's world, as they bring home their new found knowledge of songs, language, signs and ways of interacting, to share with all. Respect for the child is key to Alicia's practice and she is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for babies and their caregivers, combining play, music, and gentle guidance to stimulate their interest in their world. 



Baby Spot

Morning Program 

Ashley Oliver Asquith has been working in the prenatal and postnatal field since 2012. After the birth of her first son in 2009 she was inspired to make a career change and begin to help families (she now has a 2 year old as well!).  Ashley managed a renowned parenting company and witnessed the importance of community for new moms.  She has a BA & MS from Lasell College and is a Certified Lactation Counselor. Ashley has a natural compassion for postnatal support; her teaching style is genuine, positive, and has an open understanding to all that comes along with Parenting!  Ashley has many years of experience teaching baby/toddler & caregiver classes and sensory art for young children – one of her main passions

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.”

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