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A Note from Our Director

Here are some recent articles featuring Cecilia’s perspectives:

Dear families:

We’ve all heard about the importance of the first three years of life.  Babies and toddlers are working hard to master cognitive, emotional, social, language, and motor skills.  Their brains are rapidly growing and making the neural connections needed to support these new developments.  Over the past twenty-five years of working with young children and their families I’ve come to firmly believe that the best way to support our young children’s growing brains is to foster a loving connection between child and caregiver during these early years.

This is at the core of our philosophy at Galoop.  From a child development standpoint, there is simply no need to rush to place a child under the age of 3 into a drop-off program.  To the contrary, I’ve seen firsthand over the years how the presence of a trusted caregiver supports babies and toddlers in their exploration, learning, and socialization, and allows them to feel at ease knowing their needs are understood and being cared for. 


Moreover, because Galoop’s core morning program is designed for children to attend multiple (indeed, all) days of the week, it gives children the precious gift of routine and predictability.  Routines allow children to anticipate what happens “next,” and this knowledge in turn helps them feel safe and secure.  When we combine routines with familiarity – familiar places and familiar faces that form the Galoop community each year – we give children increased confidence to explore their environment.  And all these pieces combined provide children with the perfect environment to develop independence and agency and the necessary skills to explore their world and make new connections.  


I also know that parents and caregivers need support and connections; that the important task of nurturing young children cannot happen in isolation.  That is why I’ve created a space committed to needs of young children and caregivers alike.  At Galoop, while our children explore, learn, and grow, adults make friends, swap parenting advice, get expert support, and have a relaxing time.  Our commitment to both young children and their loving caregivers makes Galoop a unique and nurturing community for families.


I encourage you to read more about our program and philosophy in these pages.  And please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.




Cecilia Matson, M.A.

Early Childhood and Parenting Expert  

Director of Galoop Children’s Program

Cecilia and child
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