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Baby Spot, tailored for infants up to 14 months, is conveniently scheduled mid-day, accommodating both morning nappers and those who nap on-the-go! 


Baby Spot Summer Session: July 9 - 30.

Held on Tuesdays 12:15-1:45. Register today!

Discover the benefits of Galoop's Baby Spot:

  • Embracing Routine for Development: At Galoop, we not only believe in the power of routine for young children's growth — we base our approach on it. Research underscores the importance of consistency in early development. In Baby Spot, your child will benefit from the stability of a familiar environment, consistent teachers, and a supportive community of families. This alignment with our core philosophy fosters a sense of security and aids in your child’s developmental journey.

  • Extended class time: Our extended 1.5-hour sessions provide flexibility, allowing you to arrive and depart at your convenience, eliminating the stress of rushed transitions.

  • A Community for Caregivers: Baby Spot is more than just a class for children; it's a vibrant community for caregivers. Whether you're a parent, nanny, or grandparent, you’ll find genuine connections and shared experiences here. Our nurturing environment aims to be your 'home away from home,' where lasting friendships are formed and every visit feels like a warm reunion.

  • Parenting Support and Guidance: Alongside our child-focused activities, caregivers receive valuable insights from our experienced instructors. Each session includes a focus on a relevant parenting topic, offering practical advice and encouraging open discussions. Our team is always available to address your questions and concerns, making Baby Spot a source of both learning and support for the entire family.


Join us at Baby Spot and experience a unique blend of developmental enrichment, convenience, community, and support, all designed to cater to the needs of young children and their caregivers.


The class will be guided by Alicia Bouchier, our fantastic new instructor and experienced Galoop parent!

Baby Spot
Ages 7-14m


April 30 - June 6

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Tuition: $485


July 9 - 30

Tuesdays 12:15-1:45

Tuition: $190

No more rushing to a 45 min class! Welcome to a stress-free zone at Galoop: join other caregivers for coffee and camaraderie while your babies enjoy bilingual circle time, age appropriate activities, and sensory play. Our cozy space is perfect for relaxing, connecting, and sharing parenting tips. It's a brief escape into a world of fun and friendship for both you and your little ones!

Size limit is 10 babies


There are no make-ups or reimbursements offered for classes you may miss. 

Please know that everyone will miss class due to travel, appointments, illnesses, unexpected nap, etc; that is just life with little ones!

If our teacher gets sick and we need to cancel class, then we will extend the session accordingly!

*All fees are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable - NO exceptions*

Here's our schedule:

12:15-12:50: Arrivals and hellos. Checking in with each other. Developmentally appropriate toys and sensory activities for the babies. Free exploration of the many stations throughout our indoor playsapce.  Discussion topics for parents and caregivers. You are welcome to bring a lunch!

​12:50-1:20: Spanish/English bilingual circle time with songs, props, musical instruments, parachute play, story time, and bubbles.

1:20-1:45: Final playtime, clean-up, and goodbyes

baby playing
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