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Baby Spot is designed for babies under 14 months and it is held in the middle of the day — perfect timing for babies that take a morning nap or a nap on the go. Program led by Bryn Yozzo; an experienced labor doula, postpartum doula, lactation, childbirth and new parent educator. Welcome to Galoop Bryn!

Benefits of Baby Spot:

• We firmly believe (and research shows) that routine is key for young children’s development. The familiarity of the space, the teacher, and the families is a critical part of Galoop’s philosophy.  


Gone is the need to cart around babies and rush to  a 30-45 min music, art, or storytime classes — all in different locations with different and unfamiliar people. Our programming will offer everything you look for ALL in one place and our 1.5-hour window allows you to arrive/leave as convenient for you without any sense of urgency.  


• Baby Spot is amazing for caregivers as well: whether you are a Mom, Dad, nanny, or grand-parent, you’ll find real friendships and have a wonderful time. Our goal is to become your “home away from home.”

• Throughout the weeks, caregivers will benefit from Bryn's parenting advice as she focuses on a daily topic and is always there for questions.  

• Galoop’s director and parenting expert Cecilia Matson will also be available for parenting advice as needed.

Baby Spot Fall Sessions: Registration opens July 10!

*All fees are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable - NO exceptions*

Baby Spot
Ages 7-14m


Sept 12-Oct 19 (12 classes)

No skips!

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Tuition: $475


Oct 31-Dec 14 (12 classes)

No class on 11/23 & 12/5

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Tuition: $475

Arrive/leave as best fits your child’s schedule — no more rushing to a 45 min class!  Meet other caregivers, form friendships and community, enjoy a cup of coffee, and let your babies enjoy an engaging circle time and explore Galoop's wonderful space and age appropriate sensory activities.  Caregivers can relax, connect, and discuss all that comes along with parenting. 

Size limit is 10 babies


There are no make-ups or reimbursements offered for classes you may miss - no exceptions

Please know that everyone will miss class due to travel, appointments, illnesses, unexpected nap, etc; that is just life with little ones!

If our teacher gets sick and we need to cancel class, then we will extend the session accordingly.

Here's our schedule:

12:15-12:45: Arrivals and hellos.  Checking in with each other. Developmentally appropriate toys for the babies.  You are welcome to bring a lunch!

​12:45-1:15: Circle time with songs, props, musical instruments, parachute play, story time, and bubbles.

1:15-1:40: Age appropriate sensory and art activities, free exploration of the many stations throughout our playground or indoor playsapce.  Discussion topics for parents and caregivers.


1:40-1:45: Clean-up and goodbyes

baby playing

No make-ups offered for missed classes. All fees are strictly non-transferable and non-refundable.

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