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Girl and boy playing at water table

Blending Joyful Play with Serious Brain Growth

At Galoop, our heart is set on nurturing the crucial brain development that takes place in a child’s first three years. Our unique program, in partnership with caregivers, is dedicated to fostering each child's cognitive, emotional, and social growth. We offer a blend of educational experiences, all in one convenient location, fostering a seamless transition to preschool.


For ages 1-3.5 years

M-F 9:00-12:00

Fall Session 2024

Registration is Open!

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For babies 7-14 months
Tuesdays 12:15-1:45
Summer Session: July 9 - 30 
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For ages 1-4 years

Each week brings a fantastic new theme!

M-F 9:00-12:00

June 10 - August 2

Registration is Open 

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Interested in information about our programs and daily routines? We offer programs throughout the day for babies, toddlers, and kids under the age of 5. Our director, Cecilia Matson, teaches our Morning Program designed for toddlers and their caregivers.  

Toddlers practicing motor skills


Galoop is a nurturing community for children and caregivers alike.  The importance of the presence of a trusted caregiver to support babies and toddlers in their exploration and learning is at the core of Galoop’s philosophy. Learn more and read a note from our director. 

Mother and daughter


Everything in our space—indoor and outdoor—is carefully and deliberately chosen with the needs of children in mind and features the highest quality materials.

Jungle Room


Our fantastic teachers are part of what makes Galoop special.  Learn more about their backgrounds and experiences here.

Cecilia and children


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Children playing in sandbox

What People Say About Galoop


Going to Galoop is the highlight of our week! The morning program offers plenty of time to play and connect with friends; crafts and activites; and a gorgeous outdoor play area. Cecilia has achieved the rare balance of providing the warmth, structure and consistency that toddlers thrive on, but also enough new crafts, activities, and discussion topics each week to keep things varied and interesting.


Galoop, located in Brookline/Newton border, is a home away from home for my two granddaughters. The light-filled space is simply amazing and the rotating set of high-quality material and arts and crafts keeps them engaged. But more than anything what I love about the program is the community and environment that Cecilia has built. For me it's a place where I feel at ease. For my granddaughters, it's a place where they can be independent and comfortable exploring their own limits; there's no anxiety here. The space is familiar to them, they both simply love Cecilia and the afternoon teachers, and all the children and caregivers are familiar faces to them. We feel so fortunate to be a part of Galoop!

Galoop in Chestnut Hill is one of our children's favorite activities. Not only because their time is happily spent going from a grocery cart with a baby doll, to an art station with an easel to paint, to a sensory table, and then to play at the kitchen making soup, but because Cecilia is present. Cecilia Matson brings an incomparable warmth, energy, and focus to her teaching. She cares deeply about each and every child and caregiver in her classes; and her positive energy is contagious. Cecilia is a bright light in parenting, offering valuable support so you can grow right alongside your growing children. Thank you, Cecilia!



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